EAGLE TAX BREAKS income taxes - Taxes FAQ (New) - Sylva, NC
Taxes Frequently Asked Questions
How much will it cost to have my taxes prepared?
We do not have a single fee for tax preparation because no two tax returns are the same and tax requirements are subject to changes each year by Congress.
In order to give you an estimate we would need to review what type of taxable events you
had during the tax year (such as W-2's, 1099's, Interest, Dividends, additional tax
schedules that will be needed to complete your tax return for this year).
How soon can I get my federal tax refund if my tax return is e-filed?
Which refund payment option you request will determine how long it will take to receive your refund when you e-file your tax return
What refund payment options can I chose from?
Bank Assisted Refunds - Received in 7 to 14 days (Depends on e-filed date)
You can pay for your tax preparation out of your anticipated tax refund.
A- An E1 Visa Prepaid Debit Card for 2013 tax season is NO COST
B- Direct Bank Deposit for a $15.00 processing fee.
C- Check from our tax office for a $20.00 processing fee.
IRS Direct Refunds -
Tax preparation fees must be paid before the tax return can be e-filed.
1- Direct Bank Deposit - Free within 8 to 15 days.
2- Check by USPS - Free within 28 days.
What is a E1 Visa Prepaid Debit Card?
The E1 Prepaid Debit Card is a Visa Debit Card from EPS Financial.  This Visa Debit Card can be used any where Visa Debit cards are honored nationwide.  You will own the card and can load additional funds on the card from participating banks/vendors.  You can also have your payroll pay check deposited on your E1 Prepaid Debit Card.
What are my Direct Bank Deposit options?
You can have your federal tax refund deposited into the bank account of your choice.
This is a easy, convenient, and safe way to receive your federal tax refund.
What is the Check you are offering?
The Tax Office can print you a Check for use if you prefer to have a paper trail.
Our business checks are secured and backed by EPS Financial, LLC.
What is Do-It-Yourself Taxes?
Many of our clients with just a few tax items have asked for a simple, easy way to do
there taxes online.  Our DIY Taxes will link you to the www.1040.com website.
What if I choose to use your Do-It-Yourself Taxes web site for my taxes. How will I receive my refund?
You may choose from any of the Bank Assisted Refunds described under "What refund
payment options can I choose from?".
When will I receive my State Refund?
Your State Refund will be received separate from your Federal Refund and will depend
on each state's department of revenue processing cycles.  Last year it was taking 30 to 60 days for the states to process refunds.